G3CC prepares commodities for community distribution in Yoña

The Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps assisted the Yoña Mayor's Office with the packing of commodity packages for residents. The Corps prepared over 300 reusable G3 shopping bags with supplies at the Yoña gym.

As the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps program winds down, the group kicked it into high gear as they stepped in to assist the Yoña Mayor’s Office prepare over 340 commodity bags for distribution to the community this week. 

Corps members packed various food items into bags that will be distributed to villagers by the Mayor and his team in line with Covid-19 support programs.  

According to Quenga, over 500 people are assisted with every commodity distribution event in Yoña. He says that in the past, the prepping of bags took his staff away from other pressing village needs.  

“I am so grateful for the help. Now that Guam Green Growth is here, our guys can go take care of the village,” said Quenga. 

UOG CIS Sustainability Coordinator Phil Cruz along with the Guam Green Growth team work to fill reusable bags with food commodities for Yoña community members.

Conservation Corps members formed an assembly line to prepare the bags and ensure efficiency.  

“When you saw at the end of the process, and see how much of it would have been plastic it’s great to see the Reusable bags,” said G3CC Member Abby Crain. “Contributing community support and knowing it’s going to help sustain someone during these tough times is an awesome feeling.”  

The Corps has volunteered in every village on Guam throughout the duration of the five-month program coordinating beautification cleanups, paintings and more.

“Guam Green Growth is an awesome program. They reach out to all the villages and help all the villages,” said Quenga. “They have so many ideas to put into play and they are here today proving that they are here to help every village.”

Guam Green Growth also provided reusable tote bags for the commodities to be packed in, curbing the use of single-use plastic bags that are set to be illegal on January 1, 2022.  

Guam Green Growth prepares the community for the emerging green economy. The program aligns with the current island wide efforts to achieve sustainability and other U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Meanwhile, implementing a circular economy on the island contributes to achieving multiple U.N. SDGs, including SDG 12 (sustainable consumption and production), SDG 13 (climate change), and others.   


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