Gallery: Plastic Bag Pouch Workshop

Check out the schedule and sign up for a workshop at the Makerspace today!

After its official launching at the start of the year, the Guam Green Growth (G3) Circular Economy Makerspace and Innovation Hub has now started to offer workshops at its location in Chamorro Village.  

The Makerspace and Innovation Hub supports G3’s mission to establish sustainable and profitable cottage industries, improve the performance of enterprise facilitation and development programs, and support regional economic development.  

The workshop series was designed to achieve these program goals.  

So far, the Circular Economy Makerspace and Innovation Hub has already successfully concluded the following workshops earlier this month: Plastic Workshop: Creating Textiles and Zip Pouches, March 12; Natural Fiber Poksi Workshop with @youngbiha: March 17, and; Natural Dye Workshop with @taopacificdesigns: March 19. 

Meanwhile, the following sessions are still open to the public: 

  • Bamboo Processing & Wood Burning Workshop: March 24 
  • Plastic Workshop: Creating Textiles and Zip Pouches: March 26 

At the latest G3 steering committee, Myracle Mugol, Circular Economy and Makerspace coordinator, invited the community to check out the sessions.  

“We have some amazing artists and makers who are joining us to teach including some of our in-house attendants who will be there. If you’re interested, please sign up,” Mugol said.  

Please visit…/guam-green-growth-circular… for more information on signing up and membership options. More workshop opportunities for April will be announced soon.  

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