RECAP: Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps Week Nine

This week the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps got a look behind the curtain… the waste curtain here on Guam.
During the week the group had the chance to visit and learn with those who make all the wheels spin.
The group began the week at Guåhan Waste Control where they got a crash course in the sorting process of all Guam’s trash.
They also learned about all the processes and machines used to sort and recycle aluminum and cardboard.
The Corps got a lesson in what it takes to break down a discarded tire as well.
We never would have guessed how complicated all this was.
The group also got a tour of the Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and caught a ride with the team down to the Layon Landfill and the transfer station in Malojloj.
The G3 Conservation Corps spent the rest of the week helping to get the Guam Green Growth Community Garden ready for the public.
They worked with the Guåhan Sustainable Culture team to help fill and arrange the many raised garden beds in Guam’s only community garden.
The team worked hard this week on all fronts starting with all the trash our island produces and ending with a garden that will help us produce food.
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